New thinking for old age care

Here at Viewpoint we’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance the lives of our residents. In 2016 we were delighted to be awarded a grant of £22,000 from the Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation to set up the city’s first Health Hub. Located within Croft an Righ, our sheltered housing complex at Abbeyhill, the Hub allows frailer people to have their routine health checks carried out within the complex, in private, with the support of a Coordinator. This frees up GP surgery appointments, leads to less GP call outs and emergency admissions to hospital. This was made possible by using modern technology to monitor long term conditions. Any change in someone’s health is recognised by surgery staff and tenants will be contacted by their GP and a consultation will be arranged. We hope to follow on from this by offering video consultations in the future.

This year we’re also taking part in a pilot project running in parallel with the Health Hub. Live!y gives families peace of mind by providing a service that discreetly monitors residents’ wellbeing. The system is simple and can monitor whether their family member is eating, drinking, getting out and about and taking prescribed medications at the designated times. The fashionable sports watch provided, and suitably placed sensors, send signals to a home-based hub. This allows families to log-in to a dash-board and monitor patterns of behaviour from afar, much like a Fitbit via the internet – although no broadband is required.

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