The modern browsers we support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 and later) feature in-built accessibility tools, including zoom and text-resizing.

If you find that the text is too small for you to read, you can change it to a size you’re more comfortable with: 

  • In Internet Explorer, use the Zoom option in the Settings menu.
  • In Firefox, press the Alt key to temporarily bring up the traditional Firefox menus. On the menu at the top, click View, then go to Zoom.
  • In Chrome, use the Zoom option in the Settings menu.
  • In Safari, use the View > Make Text Bigger option.

If you use a wheel-mouse, you may be able to change the text size by holding down the Control or Command key and turning the wheel. In some browsers you can change the text size using Control or Command and the + and - keys. In certain browsers, these functions may ‘zoom’ the entire site rather than just the text. 

We have tried to make our website easy to access and easy to use. We are continuously working on solutions that will make the website as accessible as possible. In the meantime, if you are having problems accessing our website, please don't hesitate to contact us.