Our vision and values

A visionary vison

Life needn’t be complicated. We’re here simply to help people enjoy their later years. Everything we do is about realising this vision and in order to achieve this we have an equally straightforward set of values. Values which define us. Here they are:

Inspire with positive smiles and words

Say ‘yes I can and I will’

Celebrate age, experience and wisdom

Do according to our customers’ wishes and ambitions

Treat people (everyone is a VIP) as we would a “loved one”

Work hard, have fun and laugh

Stay courageous, creative and ahead of the game

Work with those that share our values

These promises shape us. They’re a commitment to our residents, staff and suppliers. They are fundamental to every single plan, decision and project we embark on. And we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. A summary of our Strategic Plan can be found here.