Benefits / welfare advice

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Many older people are living on less than they need to because they are not claiming their full welfare and benefit entitlement. In fact millions of pounds go unclaimed simply because people do not know what or how much is available - or how to make a claim. Our Welfare Benefits Service helps tenants maximise their income and takes the stress out of claiming benefits.

Elaine Rosie, our Welfare Benefits Officer, provides friendly, down-to earth information, advice and support. Elaine will see what you’re entitled to and help you through the process. Here’s how she can help:

• Doing benefit checks and giving benefit advice
• Completing and issuing claim forms
• Carrying out any follow-up action necessary
• Trying to simplify the process
• Where a benefit is not awarded, assisting with the appeal procedure

Elaine’s help and advice is provided free of charge and she works all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and on a Thursday morning. You can contact her by phoning 0131 662 5144 or by email at Alternatively, please fill our contact form and Elaine will get back to you as soon as she can.

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