Bimal and life in Scotland

Bimal Giri is Viewpoint first PATH Scotland trainee. PATH seeks to address the under representation of black and minority ethnic communities working in housing by providing a 3 year traineeship. Here he tells us about his experience of life in Scotland.

It was bitterly cold, rainy and dark day when I first set my foot to Scotland. Yet almost 15 years have gone past, there is not a day that goes by where I am not grateful for being able to live in such a beautiful country!
My ancestors brave Gurkhas Soldiers always remain loyal and trustworthy for this nation. They involved in every wars when needed for the safeguard of this country. We have long-standing relationship with this country and it goes back to 1814. The other aspect attracted me in Scotland is - we have in common - hospitality culture, welcoming guest with home brewed alcohol and playing bag-pipe in auspicious occasion.

Like me, there are many-made Scotland their home, away from home. Some came in search of good life, some for changes and some to reunite their family and this apply both way. Many Scottish made their home in the Himalayas (South Asia- Nepal). In 1967 first trekking and climbing company for Mt Everest called ‘Mountain Travel Nepal’ was established by British and Scottish ex-servicemen. This changed the dimension of tourism in Nepal. A missionary of the Church of Scotland, Rev Dr. John A Graham founded a School called ‘Dr. Graham’s Homes’ in 1900. So its human nature that people move from place to place, continent to continent in pursue better life.

That is why Scotland enjoys and respects the diverse culture because they believe that we learn from each other’s ideas, taste and preference, people’s like and dislike that contribute to make a country prosperous and strong.

In my 9 months as a trainee with Viewpoint, I find this place welcoming, friendlier and warm. Viewpoint has recognised the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality.

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