The New Health and Social Care Standards- My Support, My Life

The Scottish Government published the new Health and Social Care Standards  (the standards) in June 2017 to replace the National Care Standards 2002. The new standards take a more human rights based approach and are significantly more person-led and outcome focused than before.  They will come into effect from April 2018. 

They apply to everyone living in Scotland regardless of age, ability or care and support setting- there will no longer be different standards for different settings.  The new standards set out what all of our Viewpoint service users should expect whether they be a Care Home resident, Housing tenant or @HOME service user.

The objectives of the new standards are to drive improvement, promote flexibility and encourage innovation in how people are cared for and supported. The standards will be used as a guideline for how to achieve high quality care and from April 2018 the standards will be taken into account by the Care Inspectorate and other scrutiny bodies in relation to inspection and registration of all health and care services.  

The new standards are underpinned by five principles:

  1. Dignity and respect
  2. Compassion
  3. Being included
  4. Responsive Care
  5. Support and wellbeing

and there are five key outcomes within the new standards:

  1. I experience high quality care and support that is right for me.
  2. I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support.
  3. I have confidence in the people who support and care for me.
  4. I have confidence in the organization providing my care and support.
  5. I experience a high quality environment if the organization provides the premises.

Within the standards document there are several descriptive statements underneath each outcome detailing the standard of care and support each individual should expect to receive. Each care home and housing complex will be displaying a copy of the new standards on their relevant notice boards. The standards can also be accessed at 

Over the coming months all departments within Viewpoint will be working hard together to raise awareness of and implement the new standards across the organization. We will also be looking at ways in which we can measure our success and also aim to identify any areas in which we can improve our service. 

We welcome any ideas, suggestions, comments and views from our residents, tenants and @HOME users in relation to the new standards and their application to Viewpoint. Please do get in touch! If there are any queries in relation to the new standards or you would like us to send you a copy please contact Jill Paterson via email- or in writing addressed to Jill Paterson, Lennox House, 22 Lennox Row, Edinburgh, EH5 3JW.

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