This is the new look Croft-an-Righ Restaurant

"The bacon rolls are to die for and the portions huge"

Mr Moffat

"Vinnie is lovely and cannot do enough for you"

Mrs McKinlay

"The French toast and bacon are cooked to perfection"

Mr Brodie

"All the meals are beautiful and the chef is very obliging, and comes into the dining room to talk to us"

Mrs Buchanan

"Absolutely brilliant, I even invited my friend to taste and share the experience"

Mrs Weir

After a long time waiting, we are pleased to report that Croft-an Righ has an all new feel to its kitchen and restaurant! Having listened to our tenants who use the meal service, and those who didn’t use it, we were able to draw up a list of what improvements were required to encourage a higher use of the service. 

This is where Cedar Scotland came in. Cedar is a consultancy company able to bring in fresh ideas, as well as a nutritionist who specifically designs healthy, hearty food for older adults and ensures that every meal has the required vitamins and calories needed in a day to keep the body and mind healthy. Cedar and Viewpoint held meetings with the tenants to find out what they wanted, what they liked and what they didn’t like, and more importantly, how we were going to deliver this. Taster sessions were held to establish the menu which will now be seasonal, well balanced, and offer a vegetarian option for those who prefer not to eat meat. We even held a Stovie bake off competition to agree what recipe would be used as everyone had different versions on how a good Stovie should be made! 

In the process of getting Cedar set up, Ewa Kunik our long standing cook went off to pastures new, and so the opportunity was taken to bring in a chef who was trained up with Cedar’s menus. On Thursday 13 October the tenants at Croft-an-Righ welcomed Vinnie into the role of the new chef. 

The dining room is open for breakfast and lunch servings, so if you haven’t already, why not pop along and experience the great food for yourselves, tenants and their friends / family are welcome.

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