Viewpoint Introduces Direct Debits


We are delighted to have started offering Direct Debits as an option to our Housing tenants. 

There is no compulsion to move to paying your rent by Direct Debits, but we think it is an easier way for you to pay, as there is no need for you to contact your bank to change the amount you pay each year, as you have to do with standing orders.

Paying by Direct Debit comes with a Guarantee; we will always give you 10 working days notice of any change to your Direct Debit, and we will refund immediately if any error is made in the collection of your Direct Debit.  You can also cancel your Direct Debit at any time.

To start paying by Direct Debits is easy; please just ask your Housing Coordinator/Housing Officer for a Direct Debit Instruction form.  There are only a few details for you to fill in, such as sort code, account number and account name, and our staff can help complete all other details. 

Once we receive the form, we will process your details and write back to you to tell you when your first payment will be deducted – you will have at least 2 weeks notice from this letter before any payment will be taken.  You should look to cancel any standing orders you currently have to pay your rent, once you receive our letter, to save having two payments taken.

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