How to apply

Applying for your new home in Edinburgh

Scotland’s Capital is vibrant and historic city and a perfect place to enjoy life to the full. To apply for a house here simply fill out an Edindex application form which you can download here. Alternatively, printed forms are available from Viewpoint Head Office or the City of Edinburgh Council. Once you have registered you will be sent your Edindex reference number. Our empty properties are advertised online every week at Key to Choice and Edindex applicants can bid for up to three properties each week via the website.

Please note that from Friday 28th October 2016 Edindex no longer accepts paper bids. You can bid directly on their website or by contacting EdIndex at or by calling 0131 529 5080.

Online bidding opens every Friday at 3.30pm and closes the following Friday at 3pm. The bids will be ordered so that those in medical need are given the greatest priority, followed by those who are homeless, living in overcrowded accommodation or who are under-occupying properties. After that bidders are listed in order of who has lived in their property the longest. If you are successful, you will be invited to view the empty property. But don’t worry if you are unsuccessful - you can keep bidding until you are.

Living in the Kingdom of Fife

If you’d like to apply for housing in the Fife area please complete this Housing Application form and Medical Questionnaire, or contact Fife Council. Fifty percent of all our empty properties are subject to nomination arrangements with the relevant Local Authority. This means that if you apply to Fife Council, they may nominate you for a vacant Viewpoint property.

Making your home in East Lothian or Midlothian

To apply for housing in East Lothian or Midlothian please contact the relevant Council for an application form – you’ll find their links below. All properties in these areas are subject to a nomination agreement which is why you need to get in touch with them first.