Celebrating our Staff

Our annual qualifications celebration was held on 7 May in St Raphael’s Care Home. We celebrated over 90 staff from across Viewpoint achieving a diverse number of qualifications in the last year. Staff and residents assembled in the dining room of St Raphael’s to hear a warm welcoming speech by CEO Jean Gray who then, ably assisted by the Learning and Development Team of Elizabeth Douglas and Olwen Kechida, issued certificates to employees who had achieved an accredited qualification during the last year.

This has become an annual event to recognise the hard work and commitment made by staff, often outwith working hours, to enable them to develop in their roles and provide an even more professional service to our tenants and residents. The day was a reflection of Viewpoint’s ongoing commitment to Learning and Development and the importance of congratulating staff for their achievements.

Qualifications were achieved in various departments including Cleaning and Kitchen staff, Care and Nursing staff, Housing and Head Office staff and @HOME Care.

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