Chat with your neighbours - Virtually!

So you can't meet for coffee, go to the pub, see anyone outside your home.

We all need a bit of company, but what can you do?

Tap into IT invite you to join a wee online 'chat group' together with 3-4 of your neighbours or other Viewpoint tenants/residents and a Tap into IT Volunteer Helper.  It's the next best thing to meeting up with friends in person.

Advantages over a phone call?

  • Seeing them on your screen as well as talking to them makes a big difference.
  • Chatting with a group of folk rather than just one person. 

Don't worry if you've never used 'Skype' or similar tools before, that's what the Helper is there for.  He/she has lots of experience, patience and time to do this kind of thing. 

You'll need the internet and whatever device you use - your iPad or other 'tablet', mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

Interested? - phone Mike Ellis on 0131 228 5176 or 07505555011 and leave a message.


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