Fundraiser for Children in Need

Donna Macleod, Director of Care

We held our annual Children in Need fundraiser on Thursday 24th November across Viewpoint this year. In head office I cooked lunch and sold it to colleagues at £1 per portion and was ably assisted in serving the food and selling raffle tickets by Elizabeth Douglas and Olwen Kechida. Our Receptionist Moira Dickson did a sterling job selling Pudsey Bear items. In total we raised £256. Thank you to everyone who participated. In St Raphael’s our Activities Coordinator Brian donned a full Pudsey suit and challenged all comers to a table tennis competition. Brave man, he must have been roasting in that suit! However he ended up the champion beating everyone and raising £95 for Children in Need. Well done all! We continue to raise funds throughout the year, by holding all sorts of events, for our chosen charity of the year The Pelvic Partnership. For more information go to

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